It is very important for a Tourist Structure to enhance their own territory.
InfoTurismoItalia allows in few time to display in every website the surrounding territory
It is possible to configure and paste in own website a simple HTML code to display nearby attractions, events, tourist structures and promotions.
For example, by this HTML code, the Tourist Structures can display nearby Attractions and Events and the Tourism Promoters can display the nearby Tourist Structures and Promotions, always updated.
The installed software significantly improves then indexing of the Website in the most important search engines (Google, Bing...)
Il software puo' essere installato anche da Strutture Turistiche ed Enti Turistico non registrati al portale.
It is easy: digit a location, decide what to display (attractions, events, structures...) and select the objects to display (map, newsletter form, link...). At the end select 'HTML Code' (wait few seconds).
If you are software developers, open our area dedicated to the GeoAPI

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