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InfoTurismoItalia is a data bank of the territory: all registered information can be 'taken' and displaied in other portals and websites.

The differences between a 'data bank' model (uniqueness of the information) and a traditional model (information duplicated) are:
- centralized information: easy management
- reusability and updating: the data are 'dynamic' copies of the original and every change is transmitted to all websites connected
- geolocated distribution: the information are provided to the web applications in a specific area
- real time distribution: the information are provided in real time to the web applications
- visibility: the information is displaied in every web application
- simplified architecture: local archives are not needed in the web applications

One option to take and display the information is by the software downloadable in the download (Iframe technology) area.
one option more efficiency is by the native use of GeoAPI instruction, a software instruction that could be integrated in every web application abre to generate dynamic queries to access the database.
Implementing this software instruction, is possible to display:
- the data of a Tourist Structure/Tourist Office (description, images, video, brochure...)
- the data of an Event/Point od Interest (description, images, video, brochure, audioguides...)
- the Tourist Structures of a specific location
- the promotions/Initiatives of a specific locations
- Events/Points of Interest of a specific location

Following some examples of websites using the information in tha data bank:
- Tourist Structure: International Camping Valledoria (
- Tourist Office: Proloco Sedini (
- Location: Badesi (
The indicated websites don't have any local database; they are I siti web indicati non hanno alcun dato locale; They are fed in real time from the database of InfoTurismoItalia.

The advantages using the native software instruction of the GeoAPI are:
- integration of the information in every graphic layout, also in mobile version
- versatility using the single information
- better indexing of the webpages in the main search engines

The GeoAPI instruction could be used in Windows environment (ASP Technology) and in Unix/Linux environment (PHP technology).
To use the GeoAPI instruction request the documentation to the email'
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